About Clean Energies Investor

A Waste of an opportunity

We are a renewable energy investment practice that is accelerating the UK’s waste to energy industry.  The UK produces over 110 million tonnes of farm waste every year and each year we spend over £100 million on waste management – household, human and food.  But waste has an in-built value – energy.

Compact Biogas renewable energy provides a reliable and environmental friendly source of clean energy that helps cut the damaging effects of farm waste and gives British farmers a much needed new source of income

“Clean Energies are providing much needed expertise to enable compact Biogas to succeed”
Dr. Phil Hobbs

Clean Energies Investor is a professional investment firm funding and commercialising the renewable energy sector. With a dedicated Project Management division, the Company funds, plans, builds, operates and manages its own project investments to ensure they perform to expectation.

We manage every step of our project investments to ensure their smooth and reliable running.

Our BioTech partner

Clean Energies has an exclusive partnership with NGB for the roll out of a modular Compact Biogas (AD) plant in the UK.

The Clean Energies NGB Compact Biogas (AD) plant is x6 faster and 30% more efficient than conventional AD plants - enabling it to reliably generate 200kWh of clean energy on just farm waste alone.