Looking for project investment?

We work directly with farmers and developers to help realise their project ambitions

There are still strong commercial opportunities for UK farmers and land owners within the compact (sub 250kW) Biogas (AD) sector.

We are looking for new UK farm site partners for the roll out of our compact Biogas (200kW) AD plant. All you need is a reliable source of sufficient cheap feedstock to supply Biogas for a CHP plant of 150 kW upwards (circa. waste from 400 cattle or 3,000 pigs) and sufficient land to spread the digestate.

The Benefits

  • Free installation, no capital expenditure
  • A fixed monthly payment of up to ¬£100 per kW / year
  • Up to 10% equity in the plant
  • Cheap heat and electricity
  • A natural digestate (fertiliser) for your land


“My plant was fully funded and up and running in five months”
 Derrick Jones, Farmer.