Our Bond

We are raising £3.5m for the planning and build of 3 new Compact Biogas (AD) plants in the UK.

Our 3 year Secured UK Bond delivers 6.5% interest per annum with interest paid quarterly and the Bond investment is secured against real renewable energy assets (the Biogas plant) which is held on behalf of the Investors by an independent Trustee.

Compact Biogas (AD) plants still benefit from secure long term index linked UK government backed subsidies (FiTs – feed-in tariffs and RHIs – renewable heat incentives).

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Your capital is at risk. Please be aware of the nature of this type of investment before committing to invest and carefully consider the risk factors together with all the information available in the Bond invitation and on our website.

How does a bond work?

A Bond is an IOU. It is a contract between a borrower and a lender for a specified amount of funds at a specified rate of return (also known as ‘interest’). The actual ‘Bond’ is a document which details what the borrower can and cannot do with the funds provided by the lender.

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Our Bond Offer

We are raising £3.5m for the planning and build of 3 new Compact Biogas (AD) plants in the UK

  • Secured UK Bond
  • Pays 6.5% interest per annum
  • 3 Year Bond
  • Interest paid quarterly

“Its good to invest in pioneering UK innovation in the renewable space” Matthew Hartley, investor

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