How it works

The funds raised through our high yielding bond are invested in the roll out of multiple compact biogas plant builds (200kW) on UK farm sites across the country.

  • Our 3 year Secured UK Bond delivers 6.5% interest per annum with interest paid quarterly in to your account
  • Your investment is returned in full at the end of the Bond term
  • The Bond investment is secured against real renewable energy assets (the Biogas plant)
  • Our plants still benefit from secure long term index linked government subsidies

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Our Project Focus

We are focused on the roll out of compact (250kW) Biogas plants across multiple farm sites in the UK. 

Despite cuts in subsidies for mainstream renewables, sub 250kW Biogas plants still benefit from long term UK government backed subsidies. UK farms produce more than 110 million tonnes of waste every year - five times more than the UK wastes on food and significantly more damaging to the environment.
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How investment is structured

The funds raised through our high yielding Bond are invested in the planning, build and operation of UK based compact Biogas plants.  Our 3 year bond pays 6.5% interest per year for the full 3 year term with the interest paid quarterly.

The Bond investments are fully secured against the Biogas plant asset and are underpinned by long term UK government backed subsidies.  Acting on behalf of the investors, the Bond is monitored by an independent Trustee that will secure ownership of the asset if the Bond coupon is not paid within 14 days of due date.

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“It’s good to invest in an enterprise that funds, builds and operates its own renewable project investments…”

Dan Hudson, Investor.

Know The Risks

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